SCHEPPACH DIRECT – Standard Machine Warranty Terms and Conditions – 2021.

Manufacturers Standard 1 Year Product Warranty.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of and except as excluded or disclaimed in this document, SCHEPPACH DIRECT warrants that the Goods, at Delivery and for a period of no less than 365 days (Warranty Period), will conform to SCHEPPACH DIRECT’s published Product specifications and be free from defects in materials and workmanship.


(See below for more information relating to Product use and Warranty Terms and Conditions etc.)

SCHEPPACH DIRECT Product 2 Year Structural Warranty.

All SCHEPPACH DIRECT Products are covered by a 2-year structural warranty. This warranty guarantees that from date of purchase, the Product will operate according to the stated capacity and specification within the Owners Product Manual and be fit for purpose according to its stated or intended usage. This warranty period covers the machine body and operational components against distortion, structural failure, operational malfunction, and substandard manufacturing quality, to remain fit for purpose within the 2-year warranty period. Motor, switches, and any moving or wearing part such as blades, belts, bearings, plastic guards and table inserts etc. are not covered under this 2-year warranty.

Machine Use and Guidelines.

Bench Top & Hobby Tools

Low power rating and performance capacity. Light construction and build specification. Limited to single person use for light work in home or garage workshop. Not for commercial use and/or for income generation. Not continuously rated motor.

• Home workshops use only

• Product construction – Light build and Low power

• Light work – One person only

• Annual Usage – 100 hours maximum

• Warranty period – 2 year structural / 1 year electrical

Light Trade Workshop Tools

Medium build quality and construction, medium power rating and performance. Solid construction and build specification. Expected use by 1 – 3 persons in home workshop, light trade or small business, schools & college workshops. Capable of some rough handling and heavier workloads, odd site work expected with some limited heavy work periods. Not for commercial use and/or income generation. Not continuously rated motor.

• Joinery workshop, Education, Site

• Product construction – Solid build and medium power

• Medium work – 1 to 3 users

• Annual use – 500 hours maximum

• Warranty period – 2 year structural / 1 year electrical

Professional Machines

Heavy build quality and construction, high power rating and professional performance. Suitable for heavier work periods and some limited continuous use. Considered suitable for use by multiple users and an essential tool for income generation.

• Medium Production workshops

• Product construction – Heavy professional build and high power  

• Heavy work – 4 + users

• Annual Use – 1000 hours maximum

• Warranty period – 2 year structural / 1 year electrical     


To be eligible for warranty repair or replacement, the Customer must notify SCHEPPACH DIRECT within thirty (30) days of discovering of any apparent defect in materials or workmanship. Before the Customer may return a Product for warranty service or repair, Customer must first obtain a returned material authorization (RMA) number from SCHEPPACH DIRECT. To obtain the RMA number Owner must provide an original proof of purchase. For additional information, to notify SCHEPPACH DIRECT of an apparent defect in materials or workmanship, or to request an RMA number, email The Customer is solely responsible for complying with all RMA instructions provided by SCHEPPACH DIRECT including but not limited to adequately packaging the Product for shipment to SCHEPPACH DIRECT and for all packaging and shipping costs. SCHEPPACH DIRECT will pay for returning to the Customer any Product that SCHEPPACH DIRECT repairs or replaces under warranty.  SCHEPPACH DIRECT reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether a returned Product is covered under warranty. If SCHEPPACH DIRECT determines that any returned Product is not covered under warranty or is otherwise excluded from warranty coverage, SCHEPPACH DIRECT may charge Customer a reasonable handling fee and return the Product to Customer, at Customer’s expense, or offer Customer the option of handling the Product as a non‐ warranty return.  

Where a warranty claim is made and upon inspection determined as legitimate, SCHEPPACH DIRECT engineers will carry out all any necessary repairs according to SCHEPPACH DIRECT warranty terms and conditions, and the Product returned to the customer. Where a Product repair is deemed as non-viable and un-economical to repair, the customer will be sent a like-for-like replacement Product or equal specification, quality, and condition. In the circumstance that this is not possible for whatever reason, the Customer will receive from SCHEPPACH DIRECT the offer of a Product upgrade not less in size, performance, specification, quality, or value to the Customer Product; or in the event that a replacement Product is unsatisfactory or does not meet the needs of the Customer, the Customer will be made the offer of a full refund equal in value of the returned faulty Product. SCHEPPACH DIRECT shall not be liable for the warranty repair, supply of a replacement, or of any missing or broken part for any tool which SCHEPPACH DIRECT has not supplied.

Warranty Terms, Conditions, & Exclusions.

In accordance with valid product liability laws, SCHEPPACH DIRECT Agencies Ltd will not be liable or responsible for any warranty claim where an SCHEPPACH DIRECT Product has failed and ceased to operate as normal inside the Manufacturers standard 1 year warranty period, resulting from the Customer altering the Product, modifying the Product, or changing any part of the Product which results in the Product’s failure to perform or operate as normal.

The following restrictions and exclusions apply:

  • Machine breakdown, part or product failure due to the misuse, or overuse of the product beyond the expected, or intended usage for the product type.
  • All moving or wearing parts including, bearings, drive belts, plastic guards, knobs, levers, hand wheels, blade guides, knives and sawblades etc, or any component that would ordinarily wear or break as a result of normal use.
  • Any structural damage or breakages to machine parts and components resulting from transport damage incurred by any agent other than SCHEPPACH DIRECT’s own transport carriers.
  • Improper care or handling of the machine, upon or after receipt of the goods.
  • Damage incurred through improper electrical installation, or through incorrect electrical supply.
  • Any and all damage incurred through non-compliance of Scheppach standard operating instructions from receipt of goods, mishandling during machine assembly, general maintenance, or damage resulting from incorrect operational procedure and misuse.
  • Damage resulting from incorrect installation, or from using of any non-authorised Scheppach parts or accessories, including any modifications that may alter the operational and working integrity of the original product as first supplied.   
  • Any repairs, maintenance, service, or otherwise carried out by any unauthorised persons without prior consent given by our own SCHEPPACH DIRECT service manager or technical engineers.
  • All claims for repair or replacement of worn machine parts resulting from failure to install or use adequate dust extraction where necessary.
  • Motors, switches, electrical components, bearings etc. are classed as moving, or wearing parts and are covered by a 1-year warranty only.
  • Drive belts, bushes, sawblades, band saw blades, filters, plastic guards and knobs, and all other components which are subject to wearing out or breakage under normal working conditions are excluded. All such wearing parts are not covered by Scheppach’s standard warranty, and such replacement items are chargeable under all circumstances.


Customers may request that SCHEPPACH DIRECT evaluate and service or repair a Scheppach product not covered under warranty, which SCHEPPACH DIRECT may agree to do in its sole discretion. Before the Customer returns a product for non‐warranty evaluation and repair, the customer must contact SCHEPPACH DIRECT by emailing to request an evaluation and obtain a returned material authorisation (RMA). The customer is solely responsible for complying with all RMA instructions provided by SCHEPPACH DIRECT including but not limited to adequately packaging the Product for shipment to SCHEPPACH DIRECT and for all packaging and shipping costs. Upon receipt of an authorized non‐warranty return, SCHEPPACH DIRECT will evaluate the Product and contact the customer regarding the feasibility of and the costs and fees associated with the customer’s request. Customer shall be responsible for the reasonable cost of SCHEPPACH DIRECT’s evaluation, for the cost of any repairs or services authorized by Customer, and for the cost of repackaging and returning the Product to Customer. Any non‐warranty repair of a Product is warranted for one hundred eighty (180) days from the date of return shipment by SCHEPPACH DIRECT to be free from defects in materials and workmanship only, subject to all the limitations, exclusions, and disclaimers in this document. Any Product returned to SCHEPPACH DIRECT under the terms of RMA which is subsequently not claimed, or work undertaken then not paid for within a period of 90 days; SCHEPPACH DIRECT will deem that the product is not wanted and at SCHEPPACH DIRECT’s discretion will be either sold to recover cost of parts and repair work carried out, broken down for spare parts, or scrapped.