Forsa 4.1 315mm brushless electric 3-phase table saw 415v

£ 4.999.99

Precision panel saw offers all-round cutting performance and superb versatility. Superior panel sizing table saw combines precision, power and versatility. Constructed from heavy, torsion-resistant steel and cast iron. Features the benefits expected in more expensive panel sizing saws; including 107mm depth of cut, powerful 6.5hp induction motor, separate motorised scoring blade for underscoring panels, oversized sliding table carriage with 2100mm cutting stroke, panel support extension, and separate hand wheels for raising, lowering and angling the TCT saw blade up to 45°. The ripping guide fence is fitted with a micro-adjustment facility, giving the saw table a cutting tolerance accurate to 0.1 mm. Perfect for the seasoned joiner or professional cabinet maker.

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  • 4.8kW Induction Motor
  • Max. Cut Depth: 107mm
  • 48-Tooth TCT Blade
  • Cast Iron Table
  • Parallel Rip Fence
  • Dust Extraction Facility
  • Constant Speed Under Load
  • Electronic Brake
  • Soft Start
  • 800W Motorised Pre-Scoring Blade