HA1000 Dust Extractor

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A magnificent little workhorse at an incredible price. This dust collector out-performs all types of wet / dry vacuum cleaners when it comes to wood dust extraction. Use common sense and buy the right tool for the job. Excellent for the small workshop.

HA1000 50 Ltr dust extractor + 4pc dust port connecting pcs + 0.5 micron efficiency rating + 1100W motor 230v (Not for cement dust or similar)

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  • Maximum efficiency with 0.5 micron rating.
  • Total mobility. Can be transported easily in pick-up truck or the trunk of a car.
  • Flexible hose (Ø 100 mm) with multiple adaptors making ideal for use with single-purpose machines such as a table saw and equally suitable for all power tools.
  • Strong barrel container
  • Variable filters. Comes complete with four paper filters for an immediate clean work area.
  • Easy storage. Can be conveniently stored under a workbench when not in use.
  • Affordability. Priced to cater for even the most modest budget.
  • Suitable for MDF particle board.
  • Suitable for wood dust ONLY

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