Scheppach HP1200S Petrol Plate Compactor 6.5 HP 15 kN Including Rubber Mat

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For optimum compaction results while using a sturdy and lightweight plate compactor, the HP1200S is the perfect choice. Compact and transportable for all work around the house, terrace or landscaping work.

HP1200S 450x350mm plate compactor + 15000 N compact force + 6.5HP petrol + foldaway wheels + rubber pad for block paving 

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• High-strength steel base plate with curved edges
• Self-cleaning plate for best results
• Plate size: 450 x 350 mm
• Compaction force: 15000 N
• Powerful 6.5 HP engine for reliable operation
• Fast travel speed of 25 m/min for improved productivity
• Includes foldaway wheels for easy one-man transportation
• Includes black rubber pad for block paving work