Scheppach Tiger 7000S 250mm Brushless Electric Wet Stone Sharpening System 230V

£ 179.99 Inc VAT

The professional wet stone sharpening system for DIYers, serious woodworking enthusiasts, and professional users alike. Features a powerful and smooth running 200 W motor, 250 mm alu-oxide particle corundum grinding stone, K 200 stone grit for razor sharp cutting edges, and micro adjustment tool rest for more pricise angle setting and sharpening. Includes jigs for sharpening straight edge chisels, plane irons, and will help achieve razor sharp edges and professional results.

TIGER 7000S Wet stone sharpening system + 250x50mm 220G alu oxide wet stone grinding wheel + 90rpm + detachable honing leather wheel + jig 70 for standard tools + angle guide + honing paste + 120W motor

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• Detachable leather honing wheel to remove burrs after sharpening
• Angle gage to adjust the correct grinding angle
• Honing compound to polish the grinding pieces
• Universal jig for widely used straight standard tools
• Powerful 200 W motor
• Vibration compensation and high stability due to 4 rubber feet
• Special corundum grinding stone with aluminium oxide for perfect grinding results, even with hard steel
• Including universal jig designed for many straight standard tools, honing paste and Angle Gauge