WSE3500 Welding Machine

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• 230 V cored wire welding machine up to 90 A
• Works without inert gas
• Continuously adjustable current
• For cored wire with 0.6 – 0.9 mm
• MIG hose assembly of 2 m
• Including 3 coils of welding wire, welding mask and slag hammer
with wire brush

WSE3500 90 Amp Cored wire welder + works without inert gas + continuous adjustable current + 3 coils welding wire + 30-90A variable current + standard qlty mask (not illustrtaed on data sheet) 230v NEW

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This handy and lightweight cored wire welding machine comes with a handle and does not require inert gas. A two metre long hose assembly enables welding from different positions without having to move the device
frequently. The WSE3500 from scheppach is ideal for smaller metal work, repairs or simple welding work on the car.